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Every week we post a new menu featuring 6 different family-friendly recipes and a complete shopping list!

Recipes Your Family Will Love

Our plans are designed for families! Each recipe feeds 4-6 people and they are designed to make dinner easy, even on busy nights!

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Once you have your recipes selected, download and print your menu plan or save it to your phone so you can access it all week long!


Use our detailed shopping list and order everything you need using your favorite Grocery Pick Up or Delivery Service!

Designed for busy moms!

We know dinner time can be stressful, and getting dinner on the table on busy nights can be complicated. We want to help make easy! Let us do the hard work for you!


Stop spending hours on pinterest

We are always adding new recipes and every week's menu is unique so you'll have a great selection of recipes to try without spending hours on Pinterest!

order your groceries online

Our detailed shopping list tells you exactly what to buy each week so you can order your groceries from your favorite store or delivery service. It makes shopping stress-free!

Get dinner on the table fast

We know life is busy, our recipes are designed to be easy to prepare. From slow cooker meals to 30 minute dinners, we've got kid-friendly recipes everyone will love!

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Your life is complicated, Dinner doesn't have to be!

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Becky P.

“Love all the recipes so far and especially the grocery list, makes it so easy.”

Deborah H.

“We’ve been using the family meal plan for couple of weeks and love all of it! Makes shopping super easy!” 

Katie H.

“I was able to add the ingredients to my grocery pick up which made it even easier!! Thank you so much!!!”

Sarah R.

“I haven’t had a meal I don’t like. Plus having the grocery list done is amazing. Love this!!”


Most frequent questions and answers

The majority of our recipes are designed to make 4-6 servings. How many people each recipe feeds will vary depending on how many children, teens, and adults are in your family! Every recipe tells you how many people it feeds so you can adjust it if you need to feed a larger or smaller group!

You’ll get an email every Thursday with the menu plan for the upcoming week! If you’re a +Plus Member, you will then have a chance to swap out any recipes before downloading your recipes and shopping list! This will give you a chance to get your groceries ordered and look over all the recipes for the week before the week starts!

I also recommend adding the recipes to your calendar for the week so you know exactly what meals you are making each night or if you need to swap or remove any recipes based on your family’s schedule.

At the bottom of each week’s menu plan, there is a “View My Shopping List” button. When you click that button, it will open up the shopping list with all the ingredients you need for you weekly menu plan. When you click on each ingredient, it will take you to that ingredient on the Walmart Grocery Pick Up Site where you can add the ingredient to your shopping cart!

YES!! We try to stay a week ahead on our menu plans so that you can be planning ahead! As soon as next week’s plan is added to the site, you can view, customize, download, and shop! You don’t have to wait for the Thursday emails if that doesn’t fit well with your menu planning schedule!

Yes! +Plus Members have the option to remove as many recipes as you need to in order to make the menu plan work with your family’s schedule! Once you’re happy with your menu plan for the week, your shopping list and menu plan printable will be automatically updated and ready for you to use!!

Everyone’s tastes are different and we know finding meals that work for your entire family can be tricky sometimes! So, we offer +Plus Members the chance to swap out any of the recipes on our weekly plan for a recipe that fits your family’s needs better! 

The cost of groceries each week depending on the recipes included. Your local grocery prices will also have a big impact. We do our best to include Family Friendly Recipes that won’t bust your budget and don’t forget, +Plus Members can swap recipes for a less expensive recipes and customize their plan according to their families budget! 

My kids love just about every recipe included in our Menu Plans repertoire! I try to make as many of my recipes as kid-friendly as possible because I know we don’t have the time to make different meals for everyone in the family each night! AND if you’re a Plus Member, you can always swap out any recipe you’re concerned won’t work for your family or your kids!

We do not have an exclusively Gluten Free or Low-Carb Menu plan. However, you can always upgrade to the +Plus Membership and swap out recipes that don’t fit your diet. Our system allows you to filter recipes based on your diet preferences to find recipes and swap recipes quickly. 

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