Chicken Pot Pie Ring

chicken pot pie ring

Serve up this Chicken Pot Pie Ring for dinner or even an appetizer to serve a crowd. Flaky crescent roll that is filled with hearty vegetables, shredded chicken in a cream cheese mixture.

Chicken Pot Pie Ring

Whip up a chicken pot pie ring for something different and kid-friendly and parent-approved.

This also makes a great party dish to serve up a crowd. Everyone can have a little piece of it along with other finger foods.

pot pie recipe

Great Recipe To Use Leftover Shredded Chicken

If you like to meal prep chicken or buy rotisserie style chicken, this is a perfect recipe to use leftover chicken. It makes meal prep a breeze and then no needing to cook the chicken, shred or chop, then prepare the chicken ring.

filling for a chicken pot pie

What Vegetables To Use In Pot Pie

I bought a bag of frozen peas and carrots. You are more than welcome to use any type of vegetables you want. You can use fresh, frozen mixed vegetables.

If you use canned vegetables just make sure that you drain the vegetable juice. Or it will make your crescent rolls kind of soggy.

pot pie crescent roll ring, that is raw and waiting to roll up

How to Make A Crescent Roll Ring

To make a crescent roll ring you will start by laying the larger end of the triangles of the crescent rolls, to make a circle as pictured.

Then with your second container of rolls, you will create the second layer, that way the dough fills in gaps so you have a nice solid base that will hold all the meat and filling.

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chicken pot pie dipped in sauce

What To Serve With This Chicken Pot Pie Ring

To be honest, you are more than welcome to dip in any of your favorites. Whether you reach for a white gravy, ranch dressing, etc.

Get creative and make or reach for whatever you would like, and let me know what you find fits best!

chicken pot pie ring

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